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Bobby Strong: A Hero Among Men

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Essay Preview: Bobby Strong: A Hero Among Men

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Jon Schohn

April 5th, 2011

Mrs. Ifft

Tues-Thurs. 12:15pm

Bobby Strong: A Hero among Men

The play Urinetown consisted of many characters: from the ruthless, such as Penny Wise, to the greedy like Mr. Cladwell, to the comedic and entertaining narrator. However, the one character that really struck my attention was the hero of the story, Bobby Strong. Bobby had several characteristics that made him the great character he was. From the beginning to the end his characteristics changed greatly. He also had many physical traits that made him who he was and showed how he changed throughout the story. And lastly, were the vocal expressions that made Bobby Strong such an terrific hero.

So firstly, were Bobby's characteristics. Bobby had so many characteristics that showed his soft, proper, and shy side, but, throughout the play he shows all his hero qualities. For example at the beginning of Urinetown, Bobby was a quiet character. He worked for Penny Wise collecting change to use the restroom facilities. He wore glasses, kept himself neat and clean, and his hair was nicely combed to the side. He also was very quick on his feet for Penny. He was a bit of a slave for her. He would jump to her every command. For example, when Bobbys Father was taken away for public urination and Penny called for a mop up he was quickly there without hesitation to take care of the job.

However, once his father was taken away to Urinetown Bobby met a love in the story named, Hope Cladwell. Hope helped Bobby shed his skin as the shy character with little will power, to the ambitious character of Act Two. She showed Bobby to use what he has in his heart... and did Bobby ever! Bobby became a righteous character. He showed the characters of the play justice, freedom, and leadership. Which coincidently enough, were fantastic examples of the qualities of the new Bobby Strong. Bobby was now braver, the leader of the Anetimy #9, hopeful for change, and courageous enough to stand up to Mr. Cladwell face to face. So all in all Bobby was very shy and scared to change in the beginning but turned out to be a loving, brave, and cunning hero of Anetimy #9.

Secondly were the physical characteristics of Bobby Strong. Strong, at the beginning was very hesitant. He walked with a sense of insecurity that showed his timid side. Another example of his timid self was the hiding of his face with his large glasses. Although, when he met Hope that all changed. Bobby took more of a hero roll. He made his posture more strong and taller. His physical characteristics also changed in the way he was singing. Lastly, were the glasses being taken off. It showed a new Bobby Strong, and how he has changed.

Without the glasses he wasn't hiding



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