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Should Clorox Go Green?

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Clorox should continue to go green with improved strategies on the Green products- Brita, Burt’s bees and Green Works. The first reason being that the products highlight the company’s stand for environmental well-being, a factor that will cater its image-building requirements. In the long-run, this shall ensure the environment-concerned buyers, 35% of the consumers as researched by Cambridge Group, giving high priority to company’s products. Brita is an already successful product and the rising environmental awareness among populaces warrants the fact that Clorox, being the leaders in the pour-through segment, should leverage their brand-value and enter in filtration sub-categories to increase their market share which is currently 12% of the total water filtration market worth $2 Billion. The point-of-entry marketing by installations at college campuses and luring Hispanics seem worthy. Burt’s bees had 25% growth rate before recession and did not lose customers during the period, a fact that necessitates keeping up with efforts in targeting the two segments of committed naturalists and beauty sleuths, categories expected to double in number in the next ten years. Moreover, untapped Asian markets should be targeted because of the fact that an American brand with natural ingredients is naturally appealing to Asian consumers. The considerably slow growth rate of Green works after 42% market share in 2009 should have Clorox revise its strategy by making its marketing expenses for the product line in-line with revenues, investing in R&D to innovate and get more scale in the brand and develop products in adjacent categories. [pic 1]



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