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Should I Skip Service?

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Should I Skip Service?

Would skipping service be the right thing to do? Am I harming anyone or breaking a rule? Is it really that bad to skip? These questions can be answer with two different theories in philosophy, the Utilitarian theory and the Kantian theory. This essay will compare both theories and state what each theory would advise to each question and also answer the big question of "Should I skip service?".

The Utilitarian theory focuses on happiness. Utilitarians want to create the greatest amount of happiness for the whole community. If I was to skip service, would this create more harm than good? I would have more free time, but the kids would not have an extra volunteer to play with and the Helping House workers would not have an extra hand to help them out. With the Utilitarian theory, I can see that skipping service would cause greater disrupt than happiness. Because of this, the Utilitarian theory would not advise me to skip service. The Kantian theory argues that if the maxim, in this case skipping service, can be universalized where everyone can do it then it should be done. Skipping service is not something everyone should do. So in this case, it is not the right thing to do because this maxim cannot be universalized, so nobody should skip.

If I was to skip service would I be harming anyone or breaking any rules? A Utilitarian would argue that going to service provides the greatest amount of pleasure and if I was to not go then I would be breaking the rules of the class that permits me to volunteer my time. Not only would I hurt the kids by not showing up but I would also be harming the teacher by not following her rules. I should always follow the rules and go to service which will in turn create the greatest amount of happiness. For the Kantian theory, skipping service would be breaking a duty that I am obligated to perform. Since this action is universalized, it is my duty to go and serve the children. If I skip I am going against my duty which will break the universal law and everyone else would want to against their duties.

Would skipping service really be that bad for the kids or to myself though? For the Utilitarians, it would mean taking away a great amount of pleasure just to generate a small amount for myself. I am not thinking of the consequences and the effect it would have on the kids and myself. The children would be upset and I would not get the hours I need to pass the course. I would also be cheating myself out of the wonderful experience that comes with volunteering. The Kantian theory argues that skipping service would be like treating the kids as an object. I am not respecting their needs and wants by not going and helping them out. They are not fully appreciated by me because I think of myself before them. Because of this the Utilitarians and the Kantians both show the bad that comes from not volunteering.

Skipping service



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