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Should Teacher Be Allowed to Spank Their Students

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Essay Preview: Should Teacher Be Allowed to Spank Their Students

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Should Teachers Be Allowed to Spank Their Students

By: Shannon M. Walker

        Teachers often have trouble with students who do not follow directions, who misbehave in class, and make the continuity of a lesson really difficult.  They often try many tactics to obtain and keep order in their classrooms.  However, those tactics do not always work.  So, what should a teacher do when some students simply refuse to obey and follow class and school rules?  And more importantly, should a teacher resort to spanking an unruly child who is inhibiting the learning of other students who are not causing problems in class?  

        Most states do not allow teachers to spank students under any circumstances.  Teachers are left to the traditional parent conferences, behavior reports, time-outs, etc.  Many school districts have also enacted programs that include rewarding well-behaved students for following the rules, in hopes that the incentives would curb the behavior of the students who are problematic.  Again, even incentives to do solve the issues of students who refuse to follow the rules.

And the question arises again…what about spanking?

        Psychologists are divided on the benefits and draw-backs of spanking.  Some suggest that an “old-fashioned spanking” will condition a child to listen and follow rules because they would fear the effects of the impending spanking.  Others offer advice that there could be negative emotional consequences to spanking. One has to reflect on what would the negative consequences be for a child who grows into an adult who has never learned to follow rules.  Society is not as tolerate of an adult who, for example drives through a red light or speeds during a school zone.  

        Teachers wear many hats while they are at work.  Many would attest to not only being a teacher a school, but also a second mother to wipe tears, nurse to fix cuts and bruises, social worker for dealing with issues that have occurred at home, and psychologist with trying to determine if a child is being abused.  So, why not offer spanking as a means of getting order in a class when a child is extremely difficult.  Of course, there should be guidelines to ascertain if a spanking is necessary depending on the circumstances.  Perhaps, a neighboring teacher or an administrator could give the spanking.  Some may argue that a teacher would spank out of anger, for example.  With guidelines, those kinks could be ironed.  

        Teachers should be allowed to spank their students with good guidelines and laws supporting them.  Ask many teachers, and they will certainly admit that some students need that kind of discipline when everything else seems to have failed.  



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