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The Role of Organization

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Nowadays, many people who desire to be rich often choose to invest in stocks, bonds, real estate or other property types. However, among many ways of investing, the most long-term benefit is investing to knowledge. Not only bring a degree, master courses are also an opportunity for students to go through knowledge , accumulate more and more experience and solve many complex issues of economy, finance and expand a lot of relationships for the bussiness work. These advantages are the reason why many people want to get master degree after finishing bacherlors' study program. Moreover, with the development of Internet and technology, more and more people choose online courses for Master's degree. Each person has a different way to be successful in online learning. While some people believe if they have intelligence and talent, they will get success in their study, but others claim that a important factor to contribute to the achievements of their performance is hard-working. For me, in my self-study experience, intelligence, talent or hard-working are not enough, the improvement of some modern-technology skills in looking for informaton leads student to be successful. The truth is that because of taking advantage of using organization, some abilities in time management and effective communication on online learning is the way to approach me to knowledge and get good achievements in my MBA online course.

The role of organization

Regarding organization, well organized materials, documents or files is one of the ways a person use to save his time and manage his work. Many people could not remember where they are put a hard copy document in, hence, they waste a lot of time to locate it with an exhausted and confused feeling. It also happens with the soft one.This is the reason people are recognized that organization their files or documents in structured way is very important.

File organization is understood that is a technique for physically arranging the records of a file into a directory structure and makes easy to browse through them. A directory structure includes a naming style and a hierarchy style (Columbia Southern University, 2013).

A naming style is the style of naming a set of folders that contain some subfolders inside. While the name of the main folders should be general titles, the subfolders are named more specifically. By this way, an student can manage courses' document scientifically to help him so much in online learning. There are a lot of courses in a master program, thus, it is difficult to organizie many files of all the courses. Using the naming style, a student is advised to creat a folder for each course and would then have subfolders related to logically units of this one. In my online learning, I created a main folder named "OR5000", yet more specifically-"UNIT" , and a unit number by be labled for a subfolder, such as "UNIT 1", "UNIT 2", "UNIT 3", "UNIT 4". Others subfolders might include for the unit, such as study guides, quizs, powerpoints, assessments, research papers, or grades.

For further organization, a hierarchy style should be done to arrange the order of folders and subfolders after using a naming style. A naming style helps a sudent to name sensibly the folders and subfolders, while a student can arrange them logically by using a hierarchy style. In the hierarchy, the main folder is the initial file, then goes to the next folder and after that is subfolders. As well as I followed the rules in the beginning and set up an effective hierarchy flie order, in case of my above course, "OR5000" is the initial folder. Following the hierarchy style, the next folder is "UNIT", and after that is "UNIT 1". Another hierarchy's order should be removing the folder named "UNIT". Then the hierarchy goes from "OR5000" to "UNIT 1".

As a result, organization helps me to manage a lots of different files through my courses, quickly and easily to find them whenever I need. So organizing file or file structure is a key element to online learning.

The role of time management

What is the most valuable thing in the world? I believe that almost people answer that is time. Time is more valuable than diamond, gold or anything because everyone has twenty four hours per day, and noone can find more a second than other. Some people work at the office eight hours a day and also cook delicious meals for their love family, teach their children, participate in social activities, but they also find time to go shopping, go spa,etc.. to take care themselves. While others couldn't



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