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Slavery and the Making of Americ

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Essay Preview: Slavery and the Making of Americ

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Hallam, Jennifer. "Slavery and the Making of America . The Slave Experience:Men, Women &Gender | PBS." PBS: Public Broadcasting Service. Web.27Apr.2011. <>.

In this article by Jennifer Hallam, she explains to use the gender roles of the Negros during slavery. Both men and women both performed about the same amount of labour, were denied basic rights, and were mentally and physically affected. The articles mentions the first slaves were brought to the British colonies in North America. Both men and women work on rice filed alongside each other. Women were purchased more as it was cheaper to purchase them for the master/owners. In Africa, women tend to have the primary social role as mothers and have the right to have children as it is the "Right of Passage". During slavery, women role were changed and they were now controlled by their master also controlling when to reproduce. Overall we learn detail information about the difference between genders in Africa and during slavery.

This article of information on Gender role is important to include in my research because the difference between male and female during slavery gives deep understanding of how slavery was like. Slavery and the life in Africa gives females and males different gender roles. Understanding these detail gender roles help reading the book easier to understand and to deeply acknowledge the characters life during their adventure in slavery.

This site is a good source in learning about gender roles as it gives detailed information about what was happening during that time and how women and men were used as. As mention earlier, this source basically summarizes what male and female Negros were commonly used for in the slavery.



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