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Social Networking Its Advantages & Disadvantages

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Essay Preview: Social Networking Its Advantages & Disadvantages

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My cell phone is Moto Q9C blackberry. It is black, has a full keyboard, and is always by my side. The cell phone is very important because we can make calls when we are not at home. Also, in case of an emergency anyone who has a cell phone is right there for your use! I really like my cell phone because when I'm bored somewhere, cell phones aren't only handy for calls and texting, they have games too! When I'm sitting somewhere with nothing to do I usually play my game bubble breaker. My cell phone is just like a mini laptop brought everywhere. The Moto literally has everything on it from a game to a translator. It literally has everything! I always say I don't like my cell phone, but I am very lucky to even have a cell phone. I see many people still today my age and older that don't even have one.

Having my cell phone around has saved me in many situations. This one time I was with my friend Erin down in Old Orchard Beach and her phone died and we were "lost" somehow and we knew my dad would be calling so thankfully I had my cell phone so he could call and wonder where we were. Another time was when I was with my mom and she forgot her cell phone at home and my brother was younger and she didn't want him to be all alone at the house so she was trying to get a hold of him before he got home to leave him a message so she wouldn't have to go back and write him a note, and then all she had to do was use my cell phone! Then she did! I'm lucky to always have my cell phone around and not have it taken away, because situations like these could happen and you never know when you'll need a cell phone!

Whoever invented the cell phone must have been very intelligent! In many ways the cell phone is something good to have around. Of course the cell phone can be a very dangerous thing also. Just like the problem with talking & texting while driving. It can be a very big problem if someone looks down to read a text or see whose calling and someone suddenly in front of them breaks. Boom! You would instantly rear end the person and it would be your fault for playing with your cell phone.

Even though the cell phone can be a hazard or a good thing, overall I love my cell phone. My cell phone is just very important to have around and I'm really lucky to have it. So maybe if my mother reads this descriptive essay she can see how thankful I am for my cell phone!



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