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Solution for New Day of a Director

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Assume this is your first day as the new director of the city youth sports league. Your predecessor cleaned out the office when he left, taking all the league information, rules, sign-up forms, records, and schedules. All you have left is the balls, bats, ballfields, swimming pool, and staff, as well as some anxious parents. Is this a structural or an infrastructural problem? If you still have all the "bricks and mortar," why do you have the problem?


There are both structural problem and infrastructural problem for this situation. First at all, I have problem with new participant. In order to resolve this problem, I have to do some works immediately, such as I have to re-build the rules, forms or collect all the league information, and of course, make the new schedule. One of the most important thing to do is that I try to recover as many documents as possible. The document can be collected from staff and I will think about knowledge management. Besides, when I make rearrangement employees and their work-time, I also have new problem that is how to choose "the right people in the right position". Because of not enough information about equipment tracking, it's take time and enforcement in order to buy new (or re-new) equipment or maintain equipments (balls, bats, ballfields, and swimming pool). For example, I don't know which chemical should be used in the swimming pool for maintenance, and how long should be change the water, or should grow new grass at ball-fields or not . This problem belongs to infrastructure problem. Summary, when the predecessor left and clean out all the league information, rules, forms, records and schedule, I have problem with structural. In this case, structural problem will create infrastructural problem.



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