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Some Important Tips for Writing a Good Essay

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Essay Preview: Some Important Tips for Writing a Good Essay

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I think it will be wise for you to go out-doors and search for good essay books where you can get some good ideas. I mean, how do you expect anyone to write an essay online????? Anyway, you have not mentioned the exact word limit for this essay. Whether it is a 100 to 150 or a 200 and above!!!!!!

It will be best for you to start searching essay and textbooks of schools and college or of any entrance exam journals. All I can do is give some important tips for writing a good essay: -

1. To write an essay or anything in Literature, you must have the power of Imagination.

2. A person who can imagine, is also very good in literature subjects like languages.

3. Take for example scinece students, they are very good in writing an essay or any language work. WHY? because they work with nature as well as the physical world to make things happen.

4. Relate your topic with some current problems and happenings, whether good or bad and then chalk out the structure of the essay.

5. Your topic, "Live and Let Live". You can give the example of Mother Teresa, who came all the way from Yugoslavia to Calcutta and created the missionaries of charity. There are also other examples of many welfare organizations and many rescue missions.

6. You can take some inspirations on the relief operations made in the time in disaster or natural calamities.

7. There are full of examples in our lives. You can choose any great icon like Gandhi etc etc....


You have to do a lot of research, both physically and mentaly in the fields of Science and Arts (Humanities) ny friend. This is not like Commerce or Accounting where everything is just mechanical.



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