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Some People I Know Are Born Winners

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Being a winner is a desirable goal for many people in today's competitive society. It is generally believed that being a winner means one making certain achievements and having success in specific goals. There are many who believe that success comes from hard work and dedication. Still, there are others that believe the opposite, that some people are born winners. As far as I am concerned, people are regarded as born winners because of their distinctive talents, good looks, and family wealth.

Talent is a natural ability to do something well. One does need to work hard to succeed, but talent is largely innate, and thus there are many who succeed because of the very talents they are born with. If one has a special talent, that individual can reach his target in an easier way than others. Essentially, talent is an extra edge that allows individuals to reach their goals more successfully. For instance, a great sense of aesthetic vision and artistic creativity is significant for one who wishes to be an artist. There is only so much one can learn from art classes, and most great artists have some innate talent that helps augment what they learn in formal training. One great example within the twentieth century is that of Mexican artist Frida Kahlo. Frida was an artist with not very much formal training, who still made a huge impact on the art world with her colorful and patriotic self portraits. Despite severe health problems and questionable good looks, Frida used her innate talent to make a name for herself and inspire many others to embrace their own God given talents.

Talent can come in many forms. There is the undeniable fact that talent is what helps propels athletes in today's competitive sports world. A major example of this is the Laker front man, Kobe Bryant. Kobe showed his great talent even in high school, and was eventually drafted straight into the NBA without having to fine tone his skills in college. Kobe's talents are very clear in comparison with other players. He is still such a young player, yet he trumps players who have been in the NBA for years longer than him. His talent was the direct factor in his success. From our own experiences, everyone probably has ever met at least several geniuses. At school, some one may have excellent mind. They can remember all mathematical and scientific formulas without struggle; they can recite a complicated poem, and long piece of literature only have read it just once or twice. Even it might not being such unique, those people can save a lot of time and learn more knowledge at the same time. Inner talent is important to helping structure future success and secures a better life.

In addition to talent, good looks can considerably contribute to born winners succeeding as well. There is a social phenomenon, which is one's success process is related to their appearance to some extent, especially to women. Obviously, those famous actors and actresses in Hollywood and super models in fabulous fashion shows are often blessed with good looks. Beauty is given by genes; in other words, it is regarded as a fortune to be pretty. Audrey Hepburn is considered as the noble princess of distinguished movie Roman Holiday (1953) and also a beautiful angel of real world. She was also a fashion icon of the twentieth century and one of the famous actresses in Hollywood. Because of Hepburn's beauty, she made fashion trends happen, and made millions in the process. Millions of women around the world looked up to her and her styles, both on screen and off. She was born in normal family in England and grew in complicated conditions around World War II. The most success of Hepburn achieved were Academy and Golden Global rewards for her role in the film Roman Holiday (1953). How was she chosen to perform in the fairy tale love story? William Wyler, the director of Roman Holiday was firstly attracted by Hepburn's charm and innocence. Therefore, princess Hepburn no doubt is a typical model of women's success due to appearance.

There are even more modern day examples of how innate beauty has helped launch successful careers for people in the spotlight. There is the example of Paris Hilton, a girl who was born from an extremely wealthy family in New York. She is the great-granddaughter of Conrad Hilton, the founder



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