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Speech: Conyo Do It?

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Essay Preview: Speech: Conyo Do It?

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Have you heard this famous line? "Let's make tusok-tusok the fishball." Do you commonly hear students saying something like this at school? What is your impression of them? Do you like them? Or are you one of those who are so engrossed in making fun of such people?

Students who speak with a mix of taglish and a misuse of adjectives, or "coños" are commonly found in prestigious schools like Ateneo.. De La Salle.. St. Benilde.... Assumption... And even UP. Most often than not, they are regarded as rich kids. But the history of the said term and culture can be traced as far back as the Spanish Colonization. In the late 1970s, the so-called "coños" refers to the mestizos who habitually use the word "cono" which is a Spanish cuss word. Today, the meaning has been diluted to include anyone perceived to be rich, regardless of ancestry, who grew up in the Philippines but are unable to speak Manilenyo Tagalog. Instead, they speak "Conyo English," which is considered by the linguists to be a "prestige dialect."

Being a Coño has its pros and cons. As such, they win friends especially those who aspire to be one of them. Social climbers ride to the coño wave to remain popular and secure fame at school. But, not all people have positive opinions about them. They are also being privately scrutinized or judged by how they talk and how they look. Yes, they are the haters. What's interesting about the haters is they make the conos more popular. More so, coños usually get a lot of nagging from the lower class, or those who are less fortunate.

Now. How to be a conyo. Or atleast by what will I teach you will help you to detect conos and get away from them or befriends with them.

1. You must always have the latest gadgets, wear anything branded or expensive like these designer bags, clothes and accessories.

2. You must have atleast one car, one P.A. and one driver and of course a house.

3. Constantly use the words LIKE, DUH, I KNOW RIGHT, NOH, DIBA,SOOOO etc.

4. Taglish is the language of the conos. So use the verb with the structure "make+pandiwa"

Ex."I don't like to make lakad in the baha

5. Use the exaggerated voice and pronunciation together with accent.

6. Translate and repeat the last word of your sentence to Tagalog like "It's so tight nga there, eh, you know, masikip?"

But, don't get me wrong. Not all coños are bad. Some are down to earth and friendly, too. They are only trapped behind the walls of stereotypes and misjudgement. Coños can sometimes make life more complicated. Nevertheless, they also bring more color to the life of everyone.



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