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Strategic Linkage Assignment

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I. Why do you think is it important for HR to be a strategic partner to the business?

HR must be part of the decision making to fully implement any strategic plan meant to be accomplished. "HR must works with senior management in establishing the strategic direction of the organization. In this role, HRM works with the highest level of management in aligning human resource efforts with the strategic business objectives of the organization." (DeCenzo, & Robbins, 2006)

HR may seem as a separate entity that works with the company but in actuality its part of the organization and must contribute the success of the company like any other department. HR should be the department responsible for coordinating all the departments and management to implement and accomplishes the strategic goals of the organization. HR professionals have the skills and training to be able to train and develop skilled labor force to compete in an uncertain market in today's business environment.

II. What benefits do you think the employees derive from this arrangement?

An active HR Professionals can "understanding today's workers -- whose needs and expectations range from Generation X to the Boomers -- the HR professional can find ways to balance work and family issues, making both the company and its employees successful. Technology has created endless possibilities for how and where work can be done, creating new issues for HR to resolve. Those include setting compensation for work produced at home and transmitted over the Internet and instilling organizational loyalty and culture when employees are in virtual workplaces and highly sought after by competitors." (Metzler, 1998)

Employees would be able to manage their own files and correct any mistaken information quickly and use the HR system and have less time waiting for chance to see and HR representative. HR would then focus more on training and educating their employees on new techniques or training them to use technology, machines or programs to be used for their jobs.

III. What do you think are the risks involved (to HR, the organization as a whole) if HR does not make this a priority and instead remains a purely task-oriented department mostly administrative in nature?

Without HR as a strategic partner, the organization will not effectively implement their strategic plan. HR may not be able to improve the organization performance. The company may lack competitive compensation to keep talent within the company. Without HR as a strategic partner, the organization may lack well qualified candidates to replace changing management including high-level positions like CEO's, CFO's. HR being only as an administrative in nature does not serve the organization in environment as complex including globalization, technological advancement in business and demographic changes



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