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Course Assignments

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1. Readings

* Read Chapters 1-3 and 15 in the text, Introduction to Human Services.

* Review the Web site of the National Organization of Human Services.

* Read Team Basics in the Learning Team Toolkit

* Read the Week One Electronic Reserve Readings

* Review The Center for Writing Excellence, including the APA Sample Paper, to assist with assignments.

2. Activities

* Resource Files: Begin to create resource files with descriptions of tools and skills from many of the models and theories discussed in this course, in order to help you accumulate resources for many of the situations you will encounter as a human services clinician. Material for these resource files will be developed in the Learning Team Conferences and shared with the rest of the class members during workshops. You may also add anything to your own files that you find on their own and that you think might be helpful. The files are for your use to develop and expand your knowledge and confidence in working with participants

* practice.

3. Individual Assignment: 'What is Human Services' Paper

* Write a 950-1250 word paper exploring the nature and purpose of human services

practice, including the following:

o The goal of human services

o The history of human services

o Common intervention strategies

o Ethical considerations

* Must provide at least 1 reference from 1 of the 3 Major Databases from the University Library (EBSCOHost, Gale, ProQuest). Provide a copy of the article attached with your assignment submission.

* Provide a copy of the WritePoint document, a copy of the Plagiarism Checker document and the final document with all necessary changes made. (WritePoint and Plagiarism Checker are in the Center for Writing) - there should be 3 attachments in total.

* Properly cite your references/resources in APA format.

4. Learning Team Assignment: Learning Team Charter

Prepare the Learning Team Charter (found in the Learning Team Toolkit):

* Clearly identify each team member's personal Learning Style and note how this style will benefit the team.

* Clearly identify communication strategies for team assignments.

* Address



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