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Students in High School

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Many students, who aspire to go to college, are not always prepared to do so. Often times, exams and assessments given in high school, do not always test the knowledge that one has gained, but instead, the test is based on what a student should know. Students who fail to score high on their assessments, are placed in remedial courses that give students an extra hand in learning the required skills. However, although students have to take remedial courses, this should not hinder students who desire to get a higher education. Despite the time and funds allotted for higher education, students should have an option to attend any college, technical, or trade school of their choice. Students who do not achieve highly in high school, may not perform the same in college. Therefore, it should be at the students discretion whether or not to attend an institution of higher learning. In this society, one is ultimately required to attain some aspect of higher learning, in order to be successful in life, so why limit one to a high school education, just because remedial courses had to be taken? There should not be limitations put on students, who are required to take remedial courses education.

All students who attend college, are not always prepared to do so coming from high school. Some students struggle to gain the knowledge they need to attend college, and be successful, but this is no reason why they should not be able to attend college. When high school graduates enter college, many must take remedial or developmental postsecondary coursework. This option is how many enter college, due to their lack of performance in high school. However, this option provides many students with the opportunity to attain a degree, after completing the required coursework. If there are opportunities for one to attend an institution of higher learning, then why not accept it? Eric Bettinger and Bridget Terry Long performed a study and stated that "many students choose to attend an open-admissions, nonselective institution to ensure admission" (2004). This shows that students may have retention, but still have an eagerness to learn, and attain higher education.

Attending college is not cheap, and having to take remedial courses are not either. College remediation rates for Florida were 60% in 2005 (Hoyt and Sorenson 2001). A lack of academic rigor in high school courses all contribute to the need for remediation in college. "About 1.7 million students nationwide take remedial classes. This cost about three billion dollars worldwide, a year since developmental courses often cost as much as regular college courses" (Hoyt and Sorenson 2001). These courses require a lot of money but it is better to invest money in one's education than on anything else. Once an education is received, there can't be anything taken away from it. Students who take remedial courses may require a lot of money, but in the end, the education received



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