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Suicide Case

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Essay Preview: Suicide Case

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What is suicide? Suicide is the intentionally act of ending one's life resulting in death. Suicide has nowadays become an extremely serious social issue in every improving society leads to an international public health problem. Picture yourself walking in and international public health problem, a rafter or seeing those dead, lying next to an empty bottle of pills. This is something not rare to society today. As saying goes, "Suicide is a permanent solution to a temporary problem". Who tend to suicide when problems come? Suicides occur in almost all populations, age groups, and in both genders. Suicide attempts across all age groups have a higher prevalence rate than completed suicide. In the general population, men and elderly are more likely to have fatal attempts than women and youth (Moscicki, 2001). Globally, World Health Organization (WHO) estimates that in Singapore, suicide takes away 1 life everyday. The idea that death may appear to provide relief from terrible pain that they have. So, suicides itself become their "last best hope". What leads them to suicide?

Ultimately, risk factors are the greater potential for suicidal behavior while protective factors reduce the like hood of suicide. Risk and protective factors may be biopsychosocial, environment or sociocultural in nature. Often it is not just one factor but a combination of factors which trigger a person to suicide.

Sociocultural risk factor

Sociocultural risk factor can look from nowadays youngster between aged <24 years common tend to have relationship problem either girl-boy or parent-child. This is because lack of social support and sense of isolation without any secure between them. They always felt they are being left out by family and society. 50% of suicide completers had no close friends (Maris, 1981). Many studies have found that being single, divorced, widowed, separated or living alone increased the risk of suicide. This is because they are mostly like to have depression where they always feel hopelessness, worthlessness and like to being alone is the best. Alternatively, people may be at increased risk of suicide if they report feeling like a burden to their people surrounding. Marriage and having a family are associated with lower rates of suicide. In adult aged group 24-59 years they mostly tend to have financial, unemployment and other job-related problems. In elderly aged >60 years have fear of being a burden in the family because if their aging and physical illness. Family need to earn money for daily living thus need time to take care of them.



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