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Surrogacy Oral

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As a child I always dreamed of becoming a parent, to watch my mother and hope that one-day I would be just like her with children of my own. Although, it never occurred to me that it's not always that easy. That being infertile is a common issue in society that faces a lot of people wishing to conceive. Medical science has it possible these days to have a family in many different ways for those unable to conceive on their own; with the choice of surrogacy to have another woman bear a child for them. Surrogate mothers could be your relative or a close friend, or women willing to give other people that same opportunity to experience parenthood. Although in some cases people result to surrogacy overseas and especially India with its low costs, where a woman as young as 18 can carry your child. In India women are 69 times more likely to die during childbirth, and the risk increases with each pregnancy. The use of surrogacy reflects the career of prostitution as these women put a price on their bodies neglecting all the possible circumstances. There a less medical rights, unsure laws, and a questionable support system on surrogacy in India leaving the right of the surrogate mother in jeopardy.

The first document of a surrogate case came from the bible, the story of Abraham and Sarah, where they were unable to conceive because Sarah was infertile and her servant Hagar carried the baby for them. Although Sarah was blessed with a child, the carrier of this child happened to be a servant in the story, showing exploitation.There is the fear of abuse of these Indian women as their husbands and fathers encourage and even force them to become surrogate mothers so they can earn money to provide for the family. Commercial surrogacy is legal in India by the Supreme Court and is becoming more popular with its low costs of around $7000, more than then they would earn in 13yrs, only a fraction of what it would cost in America. The absence of ethical laws to the surrogate mother means couples seeking surrogacy in India may be vulnerable and with the amount of money offered is an irresistible lure to those who need it most.


In 2008 a wealthy Indian couple chose to have a child through surrogacy due to the wives infertility and sought 22 year old Rashmi most of us in five years, was willing to put her womb up for rent. Rashmi moved into the house with the couple, although, after 3 months there was a clash between her and the couple, as they accused Rashmi of steeling from their house. The parents intending to her for their child then forced Rashmi out of the home and decided they weren't going to accept the baby anymore. Unfortunately the law in India on surrogacy states that the surrogate is to be paid after the delivery of the child. Rashmi, who was already in uncomfortable living conditions and struggling to survive on little money, couldn't do anything to stop the couple from getting away



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