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Swot Analysis on Dell

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Essay Preview: Swot Analysis on Dell

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swot analysis on dell

The purpose of this paper is to conduct a "SWOT" anaylsis on Dell. It is visible to see that Dell has emerged as one of the top brands for computer demands. The first computer I ever purchased was a Dell laptop. The only reason I chose to purchase the computer, was because it was convient to buy a customized laptop on-line with a click of a button with rates that depended on upgrades. " Dell was founded on the premise that direct relationships with customers are a tremendous competitive advantage, and we believe these direct relationships are just as vital with investors" (DELL). The first step of my "SWOT" analysis is the strength of Dell Corporation. A prime example would be by selling personal computer systems directly to customers, Dell could best understand their needs, and provide the most effective computing solutions to meet those needs. Although dell has developed a unique way to entice the world, according to

Dell's weakness:

*Dealing with a large amount of supplies from many different countries can cause a large issue when products are recalled.

*They build computers, not develop them.

*Their supply orders are so large that they become limited to dealing with a small few supplies that can handle the volume.

*They have weak business relationships with many computer retailers.

*They do not have unique technologies to offer the market.

DELL'S opportunity's are as follow:

*Maintaining the excellent lead that was taken by the founder, Michael Dell will be challenging.

*The introduction of new and enticing products to the customers.

*Branding their lower cost, lower priced computers that are sold anonymously throughout the world to open other avenues of branding opportunities.

*Maintaining and expanding the one stop shopping abilities that are offered to their customers.

*Continuing to market on the internet to gain larger market bases.

*Broadening their scopes in Europe, India and China.

*Expand into government and education markets.

DELL'S threats are:

*Increasingly popular brand names in the competition.

*Strong relationships that are held between competition and the retailers.

*Competition can basically create the same computers since



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