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Synopsis of Brain on Fire

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It is a typical busy day for everyone in New York especially for Susannah Cahalan, a journalist of a newspaper publication. Furthermore, it is a joyful day for her as she celebrates her birthday with her parents, step parents and her boyfriend, but that is also the day where she began to experience some mild symptoms of mental illness such as dizziness and headache. As days passes by she starts to lose focus on her job due to persistent hallucinations, violent mood swings, a numb feeling of her body and violent seizures. Then she was hospitalized for months, wherein she has been violent and psychotic. A team of doctors cooperate in diagnosing her disease but they did not find an accurate medical explanation. As her family began to be hopeless, Dr. Najar together with Dr. Khan who refuses to give up, unexpectedly discover this new disorder and the correct diagnosis, so Cahalan begins to recover and rebuild herself and she finally went back to being a journalist wherein her boss, Richard inspires her to share her experiences


Brain On Fire, a movie with remarkable true story directed by Gerard Barrett will surely affect you so much emotionally that you can’t help but lament because the way Chloe Grace Moretz delivered and acted it. Especially the scenes when she began to have some violent mood swings and seizures.

It is a movie that everyone should watch because it spreads the awareness of a rare disease that still hasn’t heard by many. It does not only gives us learnings and knowledge but also lessons that we can apply in real life. That is why this movie is applicable to everyone in all ages.

This serves as a very inspiring movie because it portrays a courageous woman who rediscover herself after the struggles that she faced when she finally recovered. Cahalans perseverance in order to survive gives an awe and motivation for us because we can see that she didn’t give up in her condition when she finally have the hope to fight.



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