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Taking a Position

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Part A

The key issue of the comic strip was an issue of honesty and morality on the job and friendship and trust between coworkers. I think Anita thinks about the possibility of changing her pay and reporting the glitch. She knows that abusing the glitch is wrong but she is also broke and can use the extra money, so she is suspending judgment on the issue. Anita's position is based on a moral value judgement. She knows it is wrong to steal but she does not want to get her friend in trouble. She made a decision and took action as a result of her position. After thinking everything through she finally decided to call the HR hotline at her job.

Part B

The issue was marriage and the position I took was celibacy until marriage or break up. The considerations I had were to do the right thing in God's eyes, set an example for our child, and what the Bible said. I suspended judgment on the issue because I thought about all of the advantages of marriage and disadvantages of not getting married. When you are married, you are able to make important decisions concerning the other person' health and finances when they cannot. If you are not married and living in sin, you are condemned to hell, you have no rights concerning the other person. I used both logic and moral value. The moral value part having to do with what is said in the Bible using my Christian convictions. The logic part from the legal standpoint of the law about marriage rights. I made a decision and took action. I finally decided that marriage was the most appropriate thing to do and I got married.



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