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Thorr Motorcycles Inc - Differentiation and Positioning

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Essay Preview: Thorr Motorcycles Inc - Differentiation and Positioning

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Thorr Motorcycles differentiation and positioning

Thorr motorcycles Inc. is a lucrative business which sells motorcycles. They also provide accessories like t. shirts, motor cycle shoes and leader goods. Thorr motorcycles have been in business for many years and have been profitable, however recently they have experience a decline in sales due to a changing market. In the past Thorr motorcycle's customers were older well established people who were willing to pay more money for better quality. These customers are getting older and their life style hobbits are changing, they not as interested in motorcycles as before. Their interest is changing due to getting older. They no longer consider having a motor cycle a necessary part of their lives.

In order for Thorr motorcycle to remain profitable they need to shift their focus and change the product to attract a younger target market. However the younger people do not see having a motor cycle as a need and their finances are limited. A motor cycle is also a luxury item in the mind of a young person. Thorr needs to revamp their motor cycle company to attract the younger group of people.

Changing the target market

Service packages; providing a service package with a purchase of bike is an incentive for buyers. Thorr motorcycles will service a new motorcycle for the first three years and a used motorcycle for the first two years for free. The conditions will be as follows; a customer will need to bring in the motorcycle on time for every service. Thorr will replace, change and repair parts for free for those free years as well.

Changing the product

Different models / cheaper models/ more attractive models: Young people are always moving towards change and the automobile makers are inventing major changes in the way we drive and travel in our vehicles. The changes range from blue tooth where you do not have to pick up the phone, key less engines to start to the car, dvd players in the car and even internet. The motor cycle industry needs to provide incentives or add some technology in their bikes to be able to keep the young people's attention.

Developing different models will allow the company to keep some of the older models to cater to the older people and also to attract the young people who are wants more quality. My recommendation is to have at least four models to entertain four different demographics. This market will include; older people who would like to continue ridding and admire the luxury collection. Young people who will admire and can afford the luxury collection, however this models will cater to the young people between ages 35-45, people who are computer savvy. This model will have navigation and radio system and the quality will be one of the highest. This model will be targeted to the upper class. The next model will accommodate the regular wage, the quality will be lower however they will look the same.

The last model will target bachelor and bachelorette men and women between the age of 25-35 who are free spited, and like to feels the wind in their hair. This model will have a need for speed. It will be one of the fasted models. All models will be painted in the color requested by the buyer it will also be loaded with the technology that the buyer wants.

Payment options: Thor motorcycles will also provide payments option for people are cannot afford to buy the product cash. They will accommodate buyers by offering higher purchase and credit terms. They will also implement a sign then drive option to attract customers.

Changing product design and appearance, features

Changing the look, the quality and introducing new models will not along attract new customers but will



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