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Talk About Your Class

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Hi guys. My name is Tung. I'm living in Kien An District. I'm studying English Major in Department of Foreign Languages at Haiphong University. Hmmm... We are in class K12 of English major. Even though 40 individuals in my class have made up a whole class as anyone can see, it might be a little bit boring in reality. To be honest, I've found this because I've seen some guys in here not be sociable enough to the others. I haven't seen any friendliness among every single of us as I ever expected. It's crucial to be of solidarity and attachment in a group/collective. Studying environment is quite important to everyone since this is able to create much positive motivation in study or work effectively. If you are making your contribution to building such a friendly environment in your class or workplace, you definitely get the sound comfort and of course, you are able to develop your talent. As a result of this, we must be in an attachment, not you or me, but every one of us. We have to consider the advantage of teamwork whereas learning foreign language with many practical exercises (as) our priority. Few who are not positively active to join the team may bring the negative results. I myself do hope that all of you will be more enthusiastic to put your parts in team (as the ways our beloved monitor has done, and she has inspired me a lot). One of the reasons that prevented our class development from our contribution is we've all recognized difficulties, but we've been shy to speak them out, or even we've neglected. But, in order to have a class of solidarity, we must be straightforward to point out the weaknesses to help class and members of class better. I hope you are able to contemplate what's been happening through my points of view, and then, you and I have positive changes.



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