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Talk Shows

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The locale, where I conducted my research, is C-Block Millatabad, Sargodha city. The population of the area is diverse in its economic status, the rich, the poorest of the poor, and the middle class people. The population is also diverse in its political religious affiliations.

During my research, I not only interviewed some anchorperson but also contacted them through mails and mobile calls, the heads of Mass Communication and Media Studies Departments of University of Sargodha and University of the Punjab were also interviewed along with discussions with their students and faculty regarding my research topic.

The important findings of my research are as follows:

* Most of the respondents watch cable (82%).

* Most of them like to watch Dramas, Movies, Sports, Music rather than Talk Shows and new channels.

* The educated and literate segment of society watches talk shows and get influenced by them, in fact these people can be rightly dubbed as opinion leaders, that is why the affects of talk shows get multiplied with the influence of these opinion leaders.

* Marital status also influences the choice of viewers, Married persons outnumber singles in watching talk shows, singles usually like to watch entertainment programs.

* The level of education is also important in creating the viewership of talk shows, literate people pay great attention to talk shows, while the illiterate does not know the names of different talk shows even, though some illiterate senior citizens take interest in talk shows in their spare time.

* Like the level of education, the economic situation also plays an important role in the segmentation of viewership of talk shows, Neither too rich nor too poor are the viewers of talk shows, but the middle class people in general are the viewers of the talk shows.

* Considering the age factor, literate youth and old people are the largest part of TV talk shows viewership.

* Likewise, the male in contrast with females pay more attention to the talk shows.

* Expression of speech and democracy is promoted by the TV talk shows.

* Socio-political awareness is spread by them.

* Celebrity-public, and politician-common man interaction is promoted.

* They help in healthy time killing and beneficial activity.

* Culture and religion is given importance due to them.

* Reasoning of a person is improved by talk shows.

* Human psyche is better understood and various viewpoints are observed which help in improvements in one's lifestyle and perception.

The advent of 21st century has witnesses a media boom in our country, especially the views and news channels have got an important place in our society. Media in general and TV in particular have got a pivotal role to play in any society. In the recent media revolution years, TV talk shows have assumed the centre stage of influence. Media has impacted socio-political life of the people of Sargodha. After the compatible study of each and every aspect of TV talk shows I finally conclude that TV talk shows have influence on society.

Everything of this universe has its advantages and disadvantages; it serves something good and something bad. TV talk show is modern master piece and they are representative of globalization. TV talk shows must be promoted but within some boundaries. Moral values should be kept alive. Ideology of everyone should be respected and neutral thought should be promoted. The talk show should not be judgmental. They should only be the story tellers and advisors. I strongly hope that TV talk shows will



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