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Team Leadership

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Team Leadership

Trying to break into the tablet market will be a tough challenge, but one that can be accomplished through proper leadership. The managers decision to make me team lead, I believe is a good choice. The main reasoning behind this is my broad range of skills and that I am people-oriented. In conjunction with the Jungian 16 type personality test, the skills I possess will allow me to lead a team effectively by providing proper direction, helping increase employee morale, and being able to multitask effectively. The other members of our team will be Corey and Martine. Corey can see things in a realistic light and does not put a lot of emotion into his decision making. This will help ensure a strict path is followed when it comes to meeting deadlines and reaching our goals. His personality type has labeled him as "the mechanic." This means Corey likes to know the way things work and has a logical approach to situations. Martine will be a nice opposite balance to Corey being seen as "the visionary." Martine is enthusiastic about ideas, has great communication skills, and can be very innovative. Martine's skills will help us get back on track if we become de-railed from our plan of execution ("High-Level Description Of The Sixteen Personality Types", 2012).

Personality Traits

Having me as the leader will allow for inspiration to the team. BSM consulting refers to the ENFP type as the inspirer and notes that this personality type is very effective in providing proper direction, having a great ability to multitask, and will keep employee morale at a high level. The ability to multitask while keeping the team happy will be key. The difference in personality between the other two team members will me focus towards each of them must be given with different direction. Corey is straight to the point and has a lot of why questions. Martine will be very inspirational and innovative but is not great at putting plans on paper. My job will be to get those thoughts where they need to be while getting input from Corey on a rational approach to get the task accomplished.

The expectations for Corey will be to keep to assigned timeline for jobs along the way and also let us know if he feels something is not working the way it was intended. Not only does he have a great ability to stay focused and make logical decision, Corey has a knack for finding solutions to practical problems. The toughest challenge for me in leading Corey will be keeping him calm in stressful situations. Since the tablet market we are entering must be done quickly, there will likely be high levels of stress and knowing his personality type is subject to irrational outburst during stressful times, keeping his cool is imperative.

Martine will also aide in helping keep Corey calm and stay in the right direction. She is inspirational, creative, and enthusiastic.



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