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Team Project Exercise

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This team-based project concentrates on developing your Microsoft Project skills through solving problems with a project for developing and installing a new computer-controlled conveyor belt system for factory operations. There are six parts to the "Conveyor Belt Project", and each team will be composed of two students. Specific due dates for the assignments are shown in the course schedule, and you will be given details on what is required for each assignment submission.


The second major team-based project in the course requires you to report on the project management practices of a regional business organization, and I shall organize teams of approximately four students. As much as possible, an interdisciplinary assignment of students will be made to each project team, and each team member must participate in the final oral project presentation. Knowledge of project management concepts and techniques will be applied through the design and organization of this team-based project. The major purpose of the team report is to give you an opportunity to apply and demonstrate your understanding of the principles and techniques covered in the class.

The following hints and suggestions should assist you in selecting a project and writing the report:

* You should use a narrative style to explain each section. Explain the managerial implications of each section and the quality of your narrative is as important as your application of the principles and techniques.

* Select a project and organization that allows you to demonstrate the principles discussed in class.

* Think ahead to the resources that will be necessary. The project should involve at least four people.

* Assume that senior management is reviewing the report. Time is a major constraint, so organize your report so it can be easily read and comprehended. Embed figures and tables in the text.

* Each table and figure for the presentations and final paper must be clearly organized onto a single page. I do not want Gantt Charts and Network Diagrams exhibited over multiple pages.

* To avoid panic or difficulties in completing the report, strictly follow the due dates in the course outline.

Each team will complete a significant report describing in detail the project management practices of a local business organization that is of particular interest to their team, as follows:

Analysis of a Project Management Practices in a Specific Company: Identify and describe the process and performance of project management practices in a regional organization. You should research the corporation, describe its major products or services, define its specific project management process, techniques, and success, software applications, and perform an analysis to recommend appropriate courses of action for improving project management within the company. The paper should be written in a case format to support the recommendations that your team has suggested.

General Format of the Paper:

The report should be a maximum of 10 pages (without counting figures, tables, or appendices). The report should also include a separate one-page executive summary. For example, an analysis of the project management practices in a specific company, the general guidelines for the project might be, as follows:

1. Executive Summary. (1 page)

2. Corporate Example of Project Management Practices

2.1 General Overview of the company (products, services, employment, physical locations)

2.2 History of the Company (founders, stages of development, and reasons for current location)

2.3 Description of an example, completed project

2.4 Project management process and techniques used in the example project

2.5 Discussion of the following concepts and how they are used or not used by the organization:

2.5.1 Project scope statement or statement of work (SOW)

2.5.2 Use of Work Breakdown Structures, Gantt Charts, network diagrams

2.5.3 Risk analysis

2.5.4 Scheduling and leveling of resources

2.5.5 Monitoring project progress and earned value analysis

2.5.6 Postmortem process and lessons learned in managing projects

2.6 Team recommendations for improving the project management processes.

3. Summary and Conclusions

4. Acknowledgments

5. Glossary of terms (terms specific to the project or company and their definition)

6. References (list of publications cited in the report)

7. Figures and Tables (any figures or tables included in the paper must be referenced in the text)

8. Project Team Meeting and Attendance Record (Information on each team meeting and participation)

These are general guidelines, and they may differ depending on the type and scope of the project. You should not necessarily generate a report with all of these specific sections, and I am simply giving you some points that are considered important. Please organize your paper as your team concludes best fits your project.

This report is a significant factor in the course and in your grade. I have provided specific milestones for each team to meet in the process



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