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Technology Impact Paper

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Technology affects consumers on a day- by- day basis. Businesses must pay close attention to how their technology affects its customers. The following paper will cover how a company introduced the new product to customers, ways that added value from the new technology was proven, outline support plan for customers who may have questions, and emphasize new partnerships with technology partners and enhanced customer experiences.

Market research is the key to any product with the purpose of being sold. When a company unveils a product the company usually introduces the product in cities or regions in the United States. According to (Jacobson, 2011) Xfinity has home security service that launched in 2010 in the Houston, Texas area. The new Xfinity home security service features monitored alarm system, video cameras, and connected lights and thermostats, has the ability for individuals to monitor and controlled remotely from any web browser including through a smart phone. The company research in this market was so successfully that the company has determined to extend its service to several market areas such as Philadelphia, Portland, Jacksonville, Sarasota, and Nashville.

The Xfinity company marketing department have researched other security companies the price has several companies in the home security industry apprehensive because of the low price. The company has uncut various established home security, and home automation industry with rock bottom pricing. When Xfinity launched in Houston the company market there system from, I - control a company the Xfinity partner in Houston, Texas. The company system platform with a rival company ADT another powerful company in the home security industry. Xfinity researchers have projected and introduce their home security in the Houston, Texas area and the second topic in marketing is the timing of the product.

According to (Brandt, 2000) States the production of the product should follow the schedule as the promotion the company should announce the product when it is ready and have a time frame in mind of when they are going to roll out the product and stay faithful to the decision to make marketable for consumers. Xfinity has set out a certain timetable for other markets to roll out the home security systems. When the timing is right the company Xfinity will rollout marketing brochures, and flyers in the markets to ensure those potential consumers will know about the product that the company has in the area. The company will make adjustment to the products as the pilot is in its infancy and will make the adjustments will the employees and suppliers, and customers. The company will also flood the market with commercials and salesmen making calls in the region to ensure that those consumers and existing customers will know that the company is in the market of home security and has the capacity to set the product in the homes of the consumer.

The next endeavor of the company is to ensure they (Xfinity) have the capacity of technical personnel in place for the product to be successful in the marketplace in which the product is sold. The technical impact of the product will be important because once the existing consumer and new customers know about the product do the company have customer service personal handle the high volume of customers. Xfinity has also test in the area some companies either test by allowing their employees to install the service in their homes or either select a group of people in an area or allow the residents to test the product.

The company also has to make sure that the systems have the features the customers and the price the customer is being asked to pay for the security system. Xfinity also has to test their advertising and promotional marketing as well make sure that the sales department can sell the product in which the author will converse in a section dealing with training. However, distribution of these products will not be a problem because Best Buys sales a bundle of Xfinity products so the distribution will not be a problem the sales staff would need training on the home security products at Best Buys.

Training will be a critical part of this process the sales team of Xfinity will have face- to- face training. The company will have training sessions for the sales staff to provide the pricing and teach them about the product and provide literature for the sale department, and the company will have to employee more service technical personnel or train within the company. Xfinity and the distributing company of the home security devices and will train the technical staff on how to install the equipment in residential and commercial properties.

The final piece to this component to impact the product and introduce



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