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Teenage Delinquency in Small Town America

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Essay Preview: Teenage Delinquency in Small Town America

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English Compostition

Title: Teenage Delinquency in Small Town America. Research Report No. 5.

Author: N/A

The authors' main audience is adults at ages twenty and up and it could also reach some young mature adults as well.

In this article the author is pointing out teenage delinquency beginning in the high school sophomore year of young men, he is comparing the results between a town and city. The author researched and studied fourteen schools in Oregon's nonmetropolitan counties to find the patterns of the young men that is labeled delinquent versus the young high school boys in Philadelphia. However after researching the author found whether the young men are in a town or city their similarities as being juvenile delinquents are similar.

One specific similarity that he found is that even after leaving high school the young men still committed offenses that caused them to get into and stay in trouble. In his research he also found that the criminal behavior that was committed during the adolescent years of young individual happened before and after the sophomore year, and those young men are more likely to commit offenses as young adults. The article then continues on to inform the reader when the individual became an offender, who was and offender, and also the characteristics of them being a delinquent individual.

According to the author, "a predictor of adult criminal behavior was the timing of juvenile delinquencies, with 73 percent of those boys who committed offenses both before and after the first semester of their sophomore year going on to commit offenses as young adults.) (Teenage Deliquency) In this quote the author said that the young boys that commit crimes while in their teens will most likely commit crimes or worst crimes as adults. I have found this statement to definitely have some truth in it, and according to most of the delinquents are young men who have mental disabilities, in an environment that is hostile, lack finances, lack attention, and lack love. ( Therefore if someone is working towards helping these young men make a change in life before they become adults one would need to find out what it is that they need and how it is that they can help them.


1974. Title: Teenage Delinquency in Small Town America. Research Report No. 5.National Ins.

Of Mental Health



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