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The Account and Analysis of an Argument

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Essay Preview: The Account and Analysis of an Argument

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The Account and Analysis of an Argument

Misinterpretations seem to happen a lot now-a-days. Many things are unclear so as a society people tend to pick sides. It is either black or white. People do not really see the gray area in situations or ideas. People do not usually open their minds to the possibility that things are not really what they seem to be. Or that words can be interpreted differently depending on who the person may be. In the article "Stop Attacking Evangelicals", Kristen Powers claims that is exactly what is happening. She attempts to prove that what one idea or view for one person may be different to another person especially when it comes to evangelicals and submission combined. This essay will analyze the authors' argument, sub-claim, and evidence.

The author's main argument is that the interpretation of the evangelical doctrine of submission is wrong and unfair. The article states, "open season on the evangelical faith began with a valid question for Michele Bachmann about the doctrine of submission-- and the armchair theologians were off and running with flawed interpretations" (Powers 1). She claims that people who think they know what they are talking about are assuming evangelicals are all about women obeying their husbands and doing what they tell them to do, thereby making women out to look like they cannot think for themselves. The author's purpose is to set is to prevent the assault/criticism and to clarify the idea of the evangelical doctrine of submission. This article is targeted towards mostly female voters.

One of Powers' sub-claims is that others believe that Michele Bachmann (or Christian-women) are expected to act "submissive". The author states, "Ironically, the complaint that is usually lobbed at conservative Christians is that they keep their women barefoot and pregnant" (Powers 1). But what does submissive really mean? The real definition of submission is the act of submitting to the power of another or being compliant. That is completely different from the bible. With that said people tend to take that definition and interpret it in many different ways. She is saying that people once again assume things. Powers is trying to show the negative side of what people think evangelicals believe and follow.

Powers uses quotes from evangelicals as evidence to what submission is. For example Former Arkansas governor/ordained Southern Baptist minister, Mike Huckabee, who knows some things about the Bible claims, "This is not about a woman being a doormat. It's about mutual, reciprocal, selfless, sacrificial love" (Powers 1). Huckabee believes it is a give and take relationship where both men and women support each other regardless of any situation that is brought upon them. He also believes about giving up something you love because you know your spouse does not like it and about putting



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