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The American Dream (non Fiction Essay)

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Essay Preview: The American Dream (non Fiction Essay)

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The Declaration of Independence—Except for 'Indian Savages'

For some Americans dignity is the most valued thing. The Declaration of independence is the birth of America and it is one of the most important documents ever to be written in history. To be equal and respected in the country is a big thing. But the nation is full of different cultures, and not everyone are respected and all are not equal.

A call for every American to understand that not everyone celebrates the 4th of july. The Declaration of independence is the American document that state every human is created equal. But not everyone today thinks that is true, Indian immigrants has been oppressed since then.

Adrian Jawort’s ”The Declaration of Independence—Except for 'Indian Savages” is a question on why The Americans won't  accept the Indian people. The text is a column and will go deeply and detailed into why Indians don't have so much influence on today's American country  

Adrian Jawort wrote this text to inform the American people that their beloved document from 1776, direct says that indians are savages and not part of their country.

His intention is to reach out to the hardcore americans, and to show them that Indians are not savages.

His text is build on a lot of pathos, so he takes us emotionally into the column.

‘’Pause right there. Does the most famous document in American history really state “all Men are created equal,” then hypocritically proclaim right afterward its first inhabitants are “merciless Indian savages”? This is a perfect sentence that makes us feel and think that Indians has to live with this forever in America. You could be angry or sad that most Americans celebrates the 4th of July. His way of writing can be compared to the pathos he is using in the text you can really feel the anger and frustration that are put to words by Adrian Jaworts. Also the way it's more reliable is because he himself is an Indian man. He takes us deeply into the column, by telling us very accurate what is going on.  His way of writing is very professional, You can rely much on what is in the text by the fancy words and his knowledge on the american history.  

By the ending of the column there is a section that gives us information about the writer.

‘’Adrian Jawort is a proud Northern Cheyenne writer living in Montana. He's been a freelance journalist for various newspapers and several nationally distributed publications, including Cowboys & Indians and Native People magazines. He's compiled a newly released fiction anthology titled, Off the Path, An Anthology of Montana 21st Century American Indian Writers, Vol. 1’’ This makes him very trustworthy.

Adrian's column is not the only one with the same topic. A lot of Indian people are writing the same style.   Frustration is running through their minds, but is it really something they should be concern about. The DOI is a text from 1776 that states indian people are savages.



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