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The Audrey Walton Youth Leadership Conference Essay by Kendra Phan

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Essay Preview: The Audrey Walton Youth Leadership Conference Essay by Kendra Phan

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I believe leaders are made, not born. It is not just a title, but a way of living. On a planet inhabiting an estimated 6,915,167,559 people, less than half are leaders. Why is this? Even though every individual human being has the ability to be a leader, whether or not one obtains and grasps the traits is an entirely different story. While many just wait and hope for a change or course of action, leaders involve themselves. Leaders put themselves on the line for their beliefs, ideals and goals. They do not quiver or become intimidated by a challenge, but see obstacles as an opportunity to succeed. They do not easily sway with the majority's ideas nor do they hop on a popular bandwagon. Leaders move forward and see things differently, thus making them authentic. These are the types of people change the world.

Many can debate the characteristics one must possess to be a leader, but in my eyes being a leader means to inspire oneself and the public. A leader has a powerful and respectable personality that has the capability to move a crowd. How else could Martin Luther King lead thousands of people to Washington to protest a segregated society even though the times were against it? Will, determination, and passion are the key. A leader is strong but not overbearing, confident but not arrogant or prideful, direct but not bossy, and passionate but not excessively dramatic. A leader voices his or her opinion yet will attentively listen to others, intelligent yet also willing to learn. Leaders confide in themselves but are able to accept other's help. Leaders are not at all perfect and sometimes they stumble. But not matter what situation, leaders do not give up. Thomas Edison's instructor claimed that he was too stupid and inferior to succeed, but if that were so how could Edison create the motion picture camera and the long lasting light bulb? Leaders set their own standards and limits. They do not acknowledge the phrases "This is it" or "You can not." Leaders strive.

With that being said, leaders can be found just about anywhere and everywhere; whether known as a public figure or your everyday hero. They are not limited to just the old and experienced. Leaders are politicians and firefighters, to a child who stops a classmate from bullying. They are your brothers, sisters, mothers, fathers, friends, and neighbors. They are rebels, peace makers, teachers, students, trouble makers, misfits, and creators. Leaders can be anyone who questions the status quo. Who will not accept Leaders are a legacy. Even if they spiritually and physically pass on; their impact is always left behind in this world. A legacy never dies.

That is the true definition of a leader.



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