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The Bar Code Tattoo

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The Bar Code Tattoo is a book about Government control, the rights of an individual and coming of age. We are all controlled by the government in some kind of small or big way. But could you imagine having a bar code imprinted on you just to identify you? In 2025, alex the Human Genome project has finally understood the entirety of the human genetic code, enough to have the code imprinted on to bar codes along with other personal information regarding things such as bank accounts, social security numbers, and purchase records, allowing doctors to predict future diseases based on genetic history. Kayla Marie Reed is about to turn seventeen, the age when she can get her bar code tattoo. This is just another way for the government to try to control us. They speak only good of the tattoo, but Kayla is still somewhat indecisive about the idea. This worsens when her father commits suicide. this makes her wonder more and more about the tattoos. After moving away with Kayla and gradually changing her behavior, Kayla's mother begins to go insane and loathe the tattoo. Immediately before her death in a kitchen fire, Kayla's mother reveals dire information to her daughter about unknown happenings at the crack attic and reveals other data stored in the tattoo including genetic information which will make it incredibly difficult to become insured by insurance companies and even hired if one has a bad genetic history. Kayla's mother believed that the "tattoo" was the reason her father died. After becoming wanted by the police for the possibility of murdering her mother, Kayla goes on the run and makes friends who are against the tattoo, including her former classmate lance. They have joined together with Senator Young to form an organization known as "Project Decode" whose aim is to make the tattoo a personal option. Soon, it becomes illegal not to wear it by the United States Government. After evading the 45 authorities for some time, Kayla finds that the police have taken in a girl who was previously a member of her resistance group and begins promoting the law and, along with a former member of resisters, becomes the spokesperson for Tattoo Gen. The Bar Code Tattoo is one of the most theme filled books I've ever read. Each chapter holds a new lesson and idea. One main, however, idea is conformity, something most every person faces. In fact, the main character, as well as minor characters all must struggle with it. People have always dealt with this issue, and even in our times too. Should they blend in with the world, or stand out from the crowd. Even when forced, should a person still try to resist the pressure? I personally think it is a bit much to try to force control on society. People should be able to live there lives and not worry about if the government is watching them. The Bar Code Tattoo is a book that shows many colors.



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