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The Childhoods of Each Member of the Beatles

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Essay Preview: The Childhoods of Each Member of the Beatles

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I think that the childhoods of each member of The Beatles influenced their early music because they used music to get their minds away from their hardship childhoods. Like for John, growing up without a father figure in his life and his mother passing away early in Johns life. I feel like he used music to keep himself as happy as he could be. As for Paul, his mother also passed away early in his life and his farther being a working man. As for George, he had both of his parents still alive and his mother letting them rehear in the basement. As for Ringo, his parents separated in his early life and didn’t see his father much after that. 

I believe that their music would still have been as popular as it was because, each member of The Beatles was/are a talented musician that would be able to create music off other things that was going on in their life.

Based on the things that I learned from this course the member from the Beatles that I feel the most influential on the type of music I enjoy would have to be Paul McCartney. I still listen to his songs from time to time. I enjoy his newest album called Egypt Station that was released earlier this year. I believe the songs in this album was all Paul McCartney from vocals to instruments. Based on his new album I love the beat and his vocals in this album to me are soothing. I grew up listening to the Beatles because that was pretty much all my parents listened to as I was growing up. As I got older, I started to listen to AC/DC, Led Zeppelin, and Rolling Stones but in my opinion I still liked the Beatles more. I’m not sure why but I still ended up going back to the Beatles as my main music playlist.



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