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Why I Became a Member?

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Essay Preview: Why I Became a Member?

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Well, I am 15 years old and I am currently sitting my GCSE's. I have a lot of coursework and one of these is my biology essay, on 'Should old people drive'. For this essay, I need sources explaining for and against, for the statement. And, for this, I needed to view a paper on this site, but it wouldn't let.. and this annoying little blue box kept popping up asking me to log in. So, after much annoyance and debate, I decided to bite the bullet and join, to read ONE paper. So here I am, writing this paper, wanting to read that ONE section that could be the difference of me failing or passing, wasting my time writing this. You see, I am a very lazy person and do not wish to spend my time writing this out, but to read said desired paper, I must write 'no less than 250 words'. I can't express anymore how tedious this is, and how fustrating. I also have a french spoken exam that I have to memorise over 1000 words for; a maths essay of which is extremely hard (maths has never been my strong point); a physics essay which is painfully boring; an english controlled assessment - to write a short story based on the poem 'Medusa', which although is a fairly nice task, takes up a lot of my time; and above all time-wasting pieces of work, this hits the target! On top of everything, my wonderful mother is now summoning me to make her a cup of tea, as I am, apparently, the best tea maker she has ever met. Personally, I think this is just a bid to make me feel guilty so I will make her the tea without fuss, so she can stay, with her feet up, doing her daily crossword and watching Alan Titchmarsh on TV. I have actually met Alan: very nice man. In fact, all I wanted was a picture with him, so I casually squeezed through the crowds of people who wished to buy his book, and asked if I could have a picture, as it would only take a few seconds. We ended up having a lovely chat and ten mintues later when I turned to leave, I was greeted with many a scowl from those in the line awaiting to buy his book. Either way, (after that wonderful little tangent) I am still wasting my time writing this infernal 'paper'.

So I shall say one more thing: If that paper I want to read is not useful... I will eat my foot.



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