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The Crucible Act 5

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Essay Preview: The Crucible Act 5

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I decided to create a fifth act. This is my alternate ending to The Crucible. It starts like this:

Today is judgement day in Salem, Massachusetts. The young girls of the town, led by Abigail Williams, are crying witchery and have had many people hung for “bewitching” them. October 26, 1692 is John Proctor’s day to die. John Proctor had affair with Abigail and when his wife Elizabeth found out, she put Williams, then their servant, in the street. Abigail then went on a mission to destroy Elizabeth so she could have John to herself. She accused Elizabeth of witchery but Elizabeth could not be executed because she was pregnant. John, trying to save his wife, confessed to lechery. He was then accused of being a witch and lying to the court and that is how we got to this situation.

John Proctor stands alone on the platform. The noose is placed around his neck. He makes eye contact with Elizabeth, who is in chains, both of her wrists shackled. He begins to say a prayer, loud enough to hear but not loud enough to make out the words he is saying. He is pushed off the front of the platform, his body hanging lifelessly. A few days later, they bury him on his farm. Elizabeth is there as she has being released from prison so she could see john one last time. Again, she is chained but this time it is just her wrists. There is a mysterious, hooded female over John’s body. Elizabeth walks over to confront the unknown person. She taps the mystery woman on the shoulder. The person turns around. To the surprise of everyone there, especially Elizabeth, it is Abigail Williams. Overcome by rage, Elizabeth takes her chains and starts beating Abigail with them. She tries to put her chains around the neck of Abigail, but she is stopped by Marshal Herrick. She is taken back to jail and is told that in 3 months’ time she will be hung for witchery and the beating of Abigail Williams. Elizabeth is 6 months pregnant.

3 months later, Elizabeth Proctor has her third son, John Proctor Jr. It is bittersweet day as she is happy that the child is born perfectly but she knows her day will come soon. It comes very soon as she is hung 3 days later. In the time between John and Elizabeth’s deaths there have been other deaths, the main deaths being of Judge Danforth and Judge Hawthorne. The judges were killed on their way back to Boston; their carriage was attacked and raided by a Native group. After the funerals, Reverend John Hale has made a judge of the Massachusetts province. Hale comes back to Salem 2 days before Elizabeth has her child. He tells her that he will take care of John Jr., as well as her other 2 boys, Jacob and Justin.

After Elizabeth’s death, Reverend-Judge Hale is determined to bring justice to Salem. He believes that Abigail Williams was the only true witch is Salem and that she needs to be brought down. He forgives Elizabeth for her crimes



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