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The Friend Zone English Asignment

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Have you ever been in a situation where you were romantically interested in someone but they did not feel the same about you and you were put in the friend zone?

Yes I have been in this situation where i was romantically interested in someone back when I was younger there was this girl I liked, so I would try to be nice and kind to her. I would also listen to her if something upset her and try to help her to calm her down and try to help her in any way i could. Sometime after I thought i was getting somewhere with her so I went to talk to her about the guys she likes. She then told me that she would never tell anyone this but she said that she would tell me because I was her best friend that she told me she had this crush on this guy. After she told me about this guy she says that I was the greatest friend she could ever have and that she was glad that she meet me.

After this happened she then went and asked the guy she likes out and when she did I was happy for her and so being the good friend i was I supported her. So after that I started to just let love go and so I never touched it at all so because of this I don’t get involved with relationships and I just leave it all behind. This encounter made me not want to go into a relationship and made it my job to encourage people to get together and help them.



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