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The Functions of Commercial Bank's Management

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The functions of commercial bank's management (supervision)

The first commercial bank was founded on Italy's territory in Europe. Free merchandise republics of the country -Genoa and Venice were organizing this merchandise. The realization of the product was done by the gold money, which was kept in the banks. There was created taxation tickets. These tickets were turning out by the commercial banks. This process was the foundation of bank of issue. Soon, central banks were changed to the "banker's bank".

The bank in Georgia was founded in 1919. The name of an independent central bank of Georgia subsists from 1991.As Georgian constitution says, Georgian bank is an independent in own activities and the legislative and authority members don't have any right to interferer its activities. But, it has to be mentioned that the president of a national bank is managed by the president of a country. He is the one who has the right to designate him.

Georgian national bank represents the Georgian central bank, which status is qualified by the constitution of a country. The main goal of National bank is to provide the cost stabilization. As I mentioned already, Georgian national bank is independent in its activities and nobody has the right to interfere its occupancy.

Georgian national bank's as the country's central bank's duties, the way of their activities, and the guarantee of independent are defined by the Georgian national constitution. The politic of Georgian National Bank is materialized by money _banknotes and monetary politics, which is qualified by Georgian parliament. This bank manages and provides country's official public reserves. Georgian national bank, which has all the regulator sources and instruments, has the responsibility to manage and control the main functions and goals which are prescribed by the constitution.



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