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The Glass Castle Summary

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Essay Preview: The Glass Castle Summary

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This book is a memoir from Jeannette Walls life as a little girl. She tells a story of how she was raised and what her life was like when she was a child.

She also tells the story from her point of view. She is taken to the hospital, but she recovers and is fine. While she was at the hospital she made many different friends. Most of the friends were nurses that gave her a piece of gum or told her that she would be fine and would go home in a couple of days. In the beginning to middle of the book she, her brother, and her sister name a star while they were lying in the desert. Jeannette Walls gets into fights and learns how to do things like swim, math, and surviving in the desert. This book is filled with laughter, hope, and memories from her childhood. If you want to know more read the book and you can experience this too.

The conflict in this story is when Rex has a belief that the FBI is following them and planning to arrest his family. this is a quit boring book. i only read this book so i could turn something in. jeannette walls wrote this very interesting book about her many adventures when she was a child. this book is a good read for people who like bibliographies or reading about people. this is also a good book for people who seek to read a book about a different type of lifestyle.



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