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Acrostic of Black Mountain from the Glass Castle

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Essay Preview: Acrostic of Black Mountain from the Glass Castle

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This is an acrostic poem, in Jeannette`s point of view, about Battle Mountain and all of the major highlights of what happened during her stay there...for now.

Battle Mountain made me happy. "We`d been there for nearly a year, and I considered it home--the first real home I could remember."

After dinner, we would all join and stretch out together on the benches and the floor and read all different kinds of literature

The thing we liked to do the most was exploring the desert, which was filled with all sorts of amazing treasures. There were so many that I couldn`t resist leaving that I started a collection!

The Green Lantern was a house that we passed by when we walked back home from school and the candy store. "...bad things happened there, which made the Green Lantern a place of irresistible mystery to us." Pg. 62

Lori used Dad`s pistol and triggered it to scare Billy Deel, from continuing to shoot his BB gun pellets toward us. It worked, but ended up making us leave the town

Even though dad lost his job, mom applied for a job and got hired right away

Mom and dad enrolled us in the Mary S. Black Elementary School

On Sunday nights, if dad had money, we`d all go to the Owl Club for dinner.

Usually, Brian and I would go the dump to find other treasures. We once found some liquids and equipment to create a scientific experiment and went to an abandoned shed we named our laboratory to try out, but it ended up catching on fire because of it.

Not so long after Billy Deel and his family moved in town, we started talking and became friends and after a while considered me as his "girlfriend"...he even gave me his mother`s ring and my first kiss...which I didn`t like at all.

The Hot Pot, "a natural sulfur spring in the desert north of town, surrounded by craggy rocks and quicksand" that had warm water and an unpleasant smell, was where I learned how to swim, it took several tries though

Animals always came and went in our house. Mom didn`t mind at all, she said that we were giving them a favor and always told her beliefs toward them.

"I thought maybe we`d be able to buy new clothes, eat cafeteria lunches, and even spring for nifty extras like the class pictures the school took every year...things did improve...even though dad had been fired..."

No job for dad created many problems from cutting down on food and big arguments with mom, big enough that she probably would have gotten killed.



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