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The Iphone X Features Case Study

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Essay Preview: The Iphone X Features Case Study

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The iPhone X

Luis Andrade

Western Governors University

The iPhone X

What do you look for when purchasing a new phone?  Does it have to be extremely fast?  Perhaps you care about the design of the phone more than the actual performance.  Or maybe you’re that person that must have the best camera for taking pictures.  Well, the iPhone X exceeds all those expectations and more.  It is the best smartphone on the market to date not only because of its beautiful OLED display, raw processing power, and camera system, but also because it is powered by the best mobile operating system out there in iOS 11.

The iPhone X comes with an amazing 5.8-inch OLED display that will put all other phone screens to shame.  It “has a 2,436 x 1,125 resolution OLED screen with 458 pixels per inch” (Eadicicco, 2017).  It is a multitouch display so that means it uses touch-based gestures to interact with iOS 11.  The display is a wide color display, meaning it shows more vibrant colors, has deeper blacks, and has brighter whites.  It also has better contrast than some of its competitors.  The display gives wider viewing angles for the user.  Aside from its sleek design, the display has no backlight making the iPhone X more power efficient.

Not only is the iPhone X beautiful on the outside, its raw processing power makes it equally attractive on the inside.  It comes equipped with the new A11 bionic chip that sure packs a punch.  It has six cores that work together to make it extremely responsive.  “It has a pair of performance cores that Apple says are 25 percent faster than its predecessor” (Loyola, 2018) and “four efficiency cores that are 70 percent faster” (Loyola, 2018).  With all that raw power, multi-tasking is a breeze.  Especially if you like to play games on your phone.  The augmented reality performance is so insane on this phone because of the A11 bionic chip.  For example, the cameras are now aligned vertically because most augmented reality apps run in landscape mode.  By placing the cameras this way depth sensing is dramatically improved.  Which leads us to the next feature on this amazing phone; the front and back cameras.  

The iPhone X comes with some of the best cameras a mobile device can have.  For all those aspiring photographers, the iPhone X comes equipped with a dual-lens fusion camera system on the back.  It is a twelve-megapixel f/1.8 with optical image stabilization.  Its telephoto lens is a new feature as well.  Still twelve-megapixels but now f/2.4 instead of the previous f/2.8 version.  These rear camera features make for better, sharper low-light shots.  Furthermore, the rear camera takes silky smooth video.  It can shoot 4k video at 60fps and 1080p slow motion video at 240fps.  Some actual video cameras don’t even have these features, much less phones.  The front camera on the iPhone X has a built in true depth system.  It is used to perfect iPhone X’s Face Id feature.  It also has a portrait mode that was only limited to the rear camera.  With this feature one can take flawless self portraits using the front camera.  Although the hardware advancements on this phone are spectacular, they only account for half of what makes this phone stand out from the rest.  The other half is the software that powers this behemoth of a device.



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