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The Letter of Paul to Romans

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The Letter of Paul to Romans

Romans is the longest and most theologically significant of the letters of Paul. It can be described as a tractate letter, one that is composed of a theological argument or series of arguments. A letter essay as it may be, it was received by the people of the church at Rome who were mostly Gentiles.

Paul, as the author of the letter to Romans, must have written the letter in Corinth. This is most likely on the near end of his third missionary journey. While there is no certainty of the date in which the letter was written, A. D. 57 is the best alternative.

Preparing his way for his planned mission to Spain, Paul might have written his letter for the particular reason of asking for support from them. Yet he also presented his matured views on the issue between the Jews and Gentiles and the law and gospel. In addition, he set forth a teaching on a basic system of salvation that Rome had not received from an apostle ever since.

In his letter, Paul explained why it is necessary for God to manifest His righteousness and that humankind can experience this righteousness only by faith. All have sinned and cannot be brought into a relationship with God by mere good works. God alone can change this by the sacrifice of Jesus Christ. Through Him, we can be justified before God and this justification can be gained only by faith.

Justification means being blameless to God and this can be achieved by having faith in Jesus Christ. Through Christ, we can be freed from the bondage of sin and hence, sin can no longer dictate our actions, decisions, and our very lives. This is the power of God for salvation shown through the gospel to us.

Paul, as well, emphasized that even though God had made a covenant to the Jews, being born as a Jew does not mean that they are automatically saved. It is their shortcomings to accept God's righteousness that is to be blamed. Also, Gentile Christians (including us since we are not Jews) are not to boast and be arrogant on this matter for it is from Israel that salvation has come. Thus, we are ought to respect each other and humble ourselves down.

The Christian is to serve God, as stimulated by His grace, by putting on the armor of light. This means that we must leave behind the deeds of the darkness and that we shall not grant the desires of our sinful nature. We are also ought to love others as ourselves no matter how unlovable they are for Jesus Christ died for them as well. Though free from the law, we still have to submit to the government because God has delegated His authority to them too.

In this modern era, many circumstances might hinder us from doing good works. Yes! It is through faith that we are saved but faith without works is dead. Therefore, our lives must reflect on whom we put our faith in. Whatever this contemporary world



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