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The Most Important Person in My Life

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The Most Important Person in My Life

The most important person in my life is Marva, the mother of father of my children. Marva has always been strong person in my life. For instance, she has always been a good support system for me and her grandchildren. She has also been a great role model for me. When my mother was diagnosed with schizophrenia, I turned to Marva for guidance. Marva became a second mother in my life. Through her diagnosis of HIV, Marva taught me how to protect myself at all times, she also taught me patience. For example, when Marva and I were at the welfare building, she kept me from leaving before they called me by reminding me why I was there. If I had left, I would not have had any food or money. I have always taken her advice with my children. Marva is incredibly inspiring person, as for the time we spent together. She told me to keep my head, and Marva also taught me how to drive. Keep the faith because Marva stated we are all GOD people and no one can change that. Overtime, I discovered that Marva became very inspiring, loyal, and supportive.



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