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My Life - Personal Essay

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My life was never interesting. I've always wanted an interesting life, but nothing ever happened. I remembered back when I was young, I had no one, and lived by myself in my own apartment. When I was fifteen, I got my first job in a library. I never liked books but it was the only way I could make money. I've been working in the library ever since. My name is Andrew Hatake and I'm an eighteen year old student living in Japan.

I was working in the library one day when a girl walked into the room. She was stunning. She was perfect. There was no point in trying to get her attention because people didn't notice me so I continued packing up books. I remembered looking through one of the spaces between the books and saw the girl again. She looked up and saw my face; I quickly grabbed some books and moved to another isle. I didn't look up after that, but saw someone with pink bunny printed Converses walk up to me. I looked up at her. She smiled and asked me; "Could you please help me look for something?" I didn't say anything, just pointed in the direction of the aisle. I tried to walk away, but she grabbed my arm and held me back. I turned around and she said quietly, "Not a talk-a-tive person?" I quietly said no and looked down. It was silent, and then it was broken. "Well, my names Monica Lee, "What's your name?" she asked.

I looked up and said, "Andrew Hatake". She smiled and thanked me for helping her.

After exchanging numbers with Monica, I tried asking her to attend an anime convention with me on Saturday. To my surprise, she agreed. That night I left the library around eight o'clock. As I was riding my motorbike I noticed I was being followed. I sped up to 110 km then that same person sped up right next to me. I turned his way trying to get a glimpse of his face. I realised it was Matthew, my high school bully. He quickly over took me and pulled out a bag. He held it upside down and shook it. Marbles came out onto the road. Because he was too close to me, I wasn't able to dodge them, but was able to slow down and ride over them. Matthew stopped, swore and sped up again. This time, he took out a big bottle, unscrewed it and started pouring it onto the road. I quickly broke but my wheels slid. I tried to bring my motorbike back into control, but couldn't. As I got ready to jump, my pants had gotten stuck on the bike. Because I was trying to free myself, I wasn't paying enough attention and slid into a light pole. I remembered hearing the sound of Matthew's laugh and the sound of his motorbike. I couldn't quite see what was going on, but I started to feel really weak, I tried to open my eyes... But instead, blanked out and fell back onto the ground.

Suddenly everything went white. I looked around and saw my body lying on the road with blood flowing from my head. Then to my left,



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