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Worst Day of My Life - Personal Essay

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Worst day of my life was the happiest day of almost whole Muslim Ummah. It was 10 of Zil al Hajj. Yes it was.....It was Eid - ul - Azha. The day of Sacrifice of Hazrat Ismail A.S, the son of Hazrat Ibrahim A.S.

On that day of every year, the Muslim Ummah repeats the Sunnah of Ismail A.S by sacrificing their animals (cows, buffaloes, goat, camel, and sheep).

On 1st Zil al Hajj, my brother and father bought us a goat. In those last days we cared him, treated him and loved him like a family member. We were happy to sacrifice him to complete Sunnah for Allah but we know it’s precious to us but we also remember the sacrifice of Ismail A.S who was most precious to his father and he just sacrifice him for Allah so we were happy.

But who knows that all we planned to sacrifice goat as quickest as we can after prayer of eid ul azha, and to arrange dinner party at our home with relatives, all of that gone failed.

On morning of 10th Zil al hajj. I wake up on a ring of alarm which I’ve set for Morning Prayer Eid with my brother and father. As I get off my bed, my elder sister ran towards me then stops in front me. She looks frightened and worried. I stood up and took a look to the house, my father, my mother and my elder brother was missing.

I terribly ask to my sister and she said:

“You already know that father had a lot of pain at his right kidney he controlled it. But now today at 4:00 o’clock morning right before Azaan of Fajar. He shouted up loudly, we all ask him what happened. He replied that his kidney pain exceeds his controlling limits. Then brother and mother took him to Hospital”.

I ask now “what his condition is?”  She replied “I don’t know”. But brother said that doctors said he is critical because there is a stone found I kidney.

How I controlled myself that I only could know because I never saw my father as critical as he was now.

Then I got fresh and dressed up and go for prayer alone for eid, I’ve never offered any eid prayer before without my brother and father. All the way I got bad thought for him. I offered namaz with stoned heart. After I got back home, I ate the breakfast and spend a little time with my goat.

Then after a while the “Rasmm e Qurbani” got started in our area. Everyone was happy on that moment but I always had a thought of my father. After some moments first sacrifice done by slaughterers, I still can’t remember the movements of that cow because I was dreamt for hope and for good for him whole time.

Likewise, all the sacrifices took place and still I can’t remember any of them clearly. I went home back. And asked to my sister that “what now!? Who will sacrifice the goat? There were a lot of questions but the silence was always the answer. After a while she said “Uncle, Uncle will be here for sacrifice at 5 of evening.

I asked another one to sister “How’s the father now?”

She replied “Doctors taken him to for the test and he is better now”

As my ears tickles with her answer, the jump out from my lips “oh, thanks Allah”.



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