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Life as I Know It - Personal Essay

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Im not quite sure where to begin.. I guess i start at the begginnig. I have no doubt been living with my eyes closed i often wished i had someone elses life. Mines has been rocky from the start. I was born Dec29th on a cold an icy night in Baltimore City Md. My mother a young 16 year old who had no clue as to what she was even doing. As i came into this worl the grief of loosin a mother was cover by the joy of becomming one. My grand mother had passed away only 3 months before my birth. My young scared an very nieve moth figured she was going to give it all she had to be the best mother she could. throughout my life there have been many ups an downs, but those are the trials that have only made me the person I am today. Making many decisions that will help direct my life an the path that i have set out to complete. My life has never been easy but i have always had a sence of direction as to where i wanted to go an what i wanted to do. My family gave me a lot of guidance in believing in myself an my abilities. As an adult going back to school sometimes thing get overwhelming but i am just as strong as the woman who raised me so in knowing that i know i can do almost anything.I've been lucky enough to have a great support system around me an with their support my success story has just begun. My mother had never stopped doing her best, an it makes me very proud an honored to call her mom. Needless to say some 29 years later i have no complaints. It took me a while to become comfortable in my skin, but looking back I wouldnt change it for anything.



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