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The Most Important Thing in Life Is to Respect This Diversity and to Accept the Individuals We Are as It Says.

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Essay Preview: The Most Important Thing in Life Is to Respect This Diversity and to Accept the Individuals We Are as It Says.

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Abhyudaya elucidates Sunrise, a ray a hope for home away from home. It’s not just a committee it’s forms a cardinal aspect in every individual’s aspects of life as necessities that complete the soul, as taken care of every individual’s need in a family by making sure that none is felt left out. IIM Nagpur is a family consists of people from different culture and diversities, may it be the habitat, speech or food habits. This diversity helps us to respect each and every individual. IIM Nagpur our present home where every festival is celebrated together with lot of joy and enthusiasm, forms a great example for a little India in itself. The most important thing in life is to respect this diversity and to accept the individuals we are as it says. No matter what one is going through in his life, just a smile from the other person makes him feel good and gives the confidence to rise from his current situation and look upto oneself to get through it. The cultural committee not only forms an integral part of our curriculum it forms the basis to each one of our students life that make this journey a memorable one. It’s not just about the festivals and having fun but we can develop our interpersonal skills by living with the diverse people in a committee by learning and sharing this acquired knowledge. Happiness and sorrows should be shared with everyone. Being a part of others happiness and being the reason for it won’t just make us happy but it will fill our soul with immense energy which boosts our confidence to fight back against our own problems. Rising above one’s defects and growing with everyone is what we should aim and work for. I would love to be a part of such a committee which strives to create such beautiful memories in each one of our lives here and would like to work hard to bring smile on each of our faces, as at the end of the day we all are here to create and be a part of this wonderful journey of IIM.




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