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Important Things in Life - Career Planning

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Essay Preview: Important Things in Life - Career Planning

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Career Planning Final Paper

Thanh Do

Colorado Technical University

The educational foundation that I have gained at CTU will help lay the groundwork for me to adventure into the world of accounting. Being an accountant will be a useful and high demanding which will let me take my skills and work ethic to the next level. However, there are several potential obstacles in the real business world that I could encounter on my long journey to success.

Although the accounting field has a clear career path, it is a competitive field that many people choose. There are a large number of students that graduate with an accounting major each year. This means that there are many competitors in the accounting field to compete with. The other challenge is that there is a repetitive audit task I have to deal with before I can advance. When things are repeated too much, it can make a person less interested in doing it. Also, by being accurate and consistent, many challenges can develop. With that being sad, an accountant needs to compile, prepare, and analyze a business’s financial records. Fundamental financial reports such as the income statement and the balance sheet reveals the company’s assets, liabilities, and profitability. Producing inaccurate financial data can be against the accounting principles that are governed by the laws and can reduce the company’s quality and reputation. Therefore, it is important to create accurate financial statements to ensure the correct financial choices are made by the company. In addition, working as an accountant with deadlines and work pressure can be overwhelming. However, handling tight deadlines to get all the tasks done is not easy. An accountant has to deal with the project deadlines regarding tax filing, quarterly and annual financial reports. When many projects need to be done at the same time, it can be stressful to manage time.

In order to overcome the potential difficulties in my future career path, my network, my online presence, and my personal brand will help me by being my go to resources in stressful situations. There are many advantages to these aspects that can help me conquer my career challenges. By building a strong network in college and my workplace I can create good opportunities for me to rely on when I have problems in my career, because it provides me a great source where I can connect with professionals and people of expertise who can assist me by giving me possible solutions to overcome my career obstacles. Also, they can offer me influential advice that can motivate and encourage me to move forward and find solutions.

My online presence is also a good tool that can help me connect with people who work in the same career field. Connecting with these people through social media, like Facebook and LinkedIn, is beneficial to strengthen my career. Several people share a great deal of valuable information about their careers and businesses every day through these key sites. This information that I can access through other people’s shared knowledge can be helpful to me to apply in my career to possibly solve problems quickly and accurately. Furthermore, when I deal with potential obstacles in my career, my personal brand can be one of the vital factors that can help me resolve these obstacles. My personal brand reminds me of my personality and capabilities that make me who I am, what I stands for, and what I value in my life. These aspects can motivate me to figure out new ways that solve future problems in my journey.



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