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The Movie Case

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Forming is shown by the introduction at the beginning of the movie. The men go into a room and introduce themselves and were given a place and time to analyze the situation of the case and come up with a conclusion. Even though they were given these entities, the men solely focused on how to finish their given task as quickly as possible, "Let's get started huh we all got things to do", says one of the Jurors. This attitude is shown at the very beginning; however the change becomes evident as soon as the architecture questions their initial response to the trial. The architecture answers by saying not guilty. This leads to the group to question and define their own answer, which was the boy, was guilty. The understanding of the broad scope and the objective of the questions, the materials, and the resources that were involved with the case were analyzed primarily by the architecture. This however, led the others to begin to understand and view the situation in an analytical, critical way and they also began to understand the depths of how serious their answer, if the boy is guilty or not guilty, became. Specific example of forming is shown through the scenes where there is trouble with the group getting situated. Jury number one is taking action to organize the situation and delivering tasks for each jury, he says, "We should try to sit in order, it will help." What the jurors lacked most of all was sent by the constant interruptions about why was it necessary for the architecture claiming the accused to be not guilty. Another scene suggests how ignorant one can be in not understanding the situation as a whole; one of the juries says to another, "We're lucky to get a murder case..." The man's understanding is very minimal and considers that his circumstances are very lucky leading him to be unaware and little minded.



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