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The Movie "the Pianist"

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Essay Preview: The Movie "the Pianist"

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In the past month i have read about Elie Wiesel (A Jew) and his family, during the holocaust times. I have also watched a very heartfelt movie on a Pianist by the name of

Wladyslaw Szpilman who has also been through the holocaust but in a much different way. This Movie and book are both sad, exciting, happy, and nerve recking. they both remind us not to forget and remember what we humans are capable of doing and its so sad. tons of jewish innocent people were killed and/or physically and mentally hurt, sacred for life. In 1939 , Adolf Hitler got power of Germany, and tried to abolish the Jewish race. killing over six million jews.

In the movie "The Pianist"& "Night" they start off with the same beginning, everything was peaceful and calm. in the book Night' it starts off with a little 15 year old boy, all into his studies and God. His family and him went rich nor poor. they were roughly in the middle. he had three sisters and a mother and father. he lived in a little town called Sighet, Hungary. The Holocaust started with the pass over. first it was things token away and they were not small things they we businesses, shops, stores. then they were forced to wear the yellow star of David. soon after they were moved into ghettoes, then as we all know the constrain camps.

Elie suffers thought the loss of his mother and sisters, and is striped away of his identity and goes by a number that is tattooed on his arm. He became A-77I3, Eli went through tons of beatings and seen hangings, had very little to eat and saw someone who he looked up to get beat and slapped and could not do a thing to stop it. Eli and his father tried to stay together as long as they could. but being in poor conditions Elies father gets ill and can no longer go on. Soon after Eli is released from the contrition camp, without his father.

The movie "The Pianist" is similar to the book 'Night' but not quite. Wladyslaw Szpilman is a young man who is famous for playing the piano. His story began with him playing at a radio station. bombs hitting the roofs, the beginning of the Holocaust. Szpilman, had two sisters and a brother, mother and father. They were wealthy and happy. the same happened with the ghettoes and the train, thats how far Szpilman got till one of the jewish police pulled him out before boarding the train showing an act of mercy on a friend. At that minute he was separated form his family all alone in an abandon ghetto. later in the movie Szpilman gets out of the abandon ghetto into hiding, going from one place to another staying there locked up with no food or water. The man who was deposit to come and take care of him didn't and left with all the money people were donating to save Szpilman. Szpilman on his death bed no longer wanting to live survived.

Wladyslaw Szpilman didn't go through what Eli did, Szpilman



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