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The Origin and Development of Christianity

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Essay Preview: The Origin and Development of Christianity

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The origin and development of Christianity

          Christianity is a religion alone the one true god's church, originated in the Middle East. Christianity includes three major sects: Catholic, eastern orthodox, and protestant. In the human history, Christianity plays an extremely important role, across a large number of churches all over the world. Free of Judaism, Christianity and Buddhism, Islam, said the world's three major religions。

         As the huge religious, its origin and development also has all sorts of twists and turns. At first, the Christian is a sect of Judaism a century AD, the Christian produced in the Mediterranean coast of Palestine, jewish christians are usually come as the messiah said as an ideological weapon to revolt against the Roman rule, finally ended in failure. After the Romans conquered Jerusalem, jewish internal due to Roman rule and people's uprising hold different attitude and form the sadducees, the pharisees sent, the essenes, knife party , courageously sharp party, such as different factions, the original Christian the ebionites, Nazareth LePa etc with the essenes has much in common and links. These factions against orthodox Judaism is the status of the pharisees and sadducees pie and dismissed as heresy, evolution, which eventually evolved into a new independent world religions, Christianity.

           The founder of the Christian is Jesus . That Jesus is the son of god the Lord, and he was born in Palestine in the north of Nazareth of galilee, mother's name Mary, his father called Joseph. Mary has not been married before, the holy spirit came upon her, made her pregnant. Joseph once want to Sue the maria, but received the angel's instructions, still married to her. Jesus was baptized by John at the age of thirty, and withstand the temptation of the devil satan in the wilderness, it strengthened his faith in god. Since then, Jesus led by Peter and John and the disciples around preaching the Gospel. The preaching of Jesus caused panic, the priests of jewish aristocrat and they bought him judas, nailed Jesus died on the cross. But three days later, Jesus' resurrection, appeared to his disciples and mass signs, asking them to preach the Gospel in the broader scope. From then on, more and more people are Christian, they spread Christianity to all over the world.

            At the beginning of the Christian produces only a jewish sect without a sense of self, its members with real jewish pretensions. Since l century, as more and more attracted to the gentiles in the Christian community, gradually formed their own teachings, organization system and etiquette, etc. So, to 2 century, Christian community has never into the early stages of development in ideological and organizational has independent form of Christian church.

          Early Christian is as a mass movement. Compared with traditional Judaism emphasizes to follow the law, Christianity emphasizes the grace of Jesus redeemed, and that as long as you believe in Jesus Christ is the old testament prophets foretold the savior, willing to accept him Lord, and determined in the mind of god, for the life to Jesus Christ as own fault, is considered to be already repentance, can through baptism, be accepted as a member of the church.

          In history of early stage of the church, in many of the homecoming of the overseas Chinese are no longer back to the land of living, but to stay in Jerusalem city gathered together to listen to life, so used by property ownership, the outside world regard it as a secret religious organization. To challenge the jews regard Jesus as heretics, church heresy, often to the Roman authorities accused them. Roma think that Christianity is jewish, not how to force the church at first, until the Nile of the reign of emperor , the number of the church had been growing to the point of cannot be ignored, since the 60 s of the Roman empire the government officially started large-scale national force against persecution. Christians generally irrespective of race and social class at that time, even when the slave after believing a brother can real-time accepted, also began to persecution of christians only partially.

           As Christianity spread, all levels of the society more and more people join the church. Although church in 3rd centuries by force -- - those dreadful big many bishops and believers were burned at the stake, devoured by wild beasts in the arena, but the church still continue to thrive, issued the edict of milan until 313, the Roman empire finally admit the legal status of Christianity. With the development of Christianity, the church began to Easter day become the later Jesus' resurrection, and on December 25 as the birthday of Jesus, namely the Christmas date has already cannot take an examination of Jesus' birth, can only be the god Apollo, originally Jesus's birthday to Christmas day. Milan tried was enacted by the Roman emperor Constantine at that time, christians will therefore this achievement as the victory of Christianity.

         In 1054, Christianity divided into two part. Right of Catholicism in the Vatican as the center, teaching mainly from the Pope and the council; Eastern orthodox church in Constantinople as the center, the church the supreme power belongs to the emperor of the eastern Roman empire. 1096-1291, the Catholic occupied by muslims to regain the holy city, Jerusalem, opened eight wars of religion (the Crusades). After the 16th century, Europe's religious reform, since the Catholic differentiation out of the tribe of the children of lot. Then the great geographical discovery and western colonial expansion, the Christianity spread to all over the world.

         Since the western Roman empire was destroyed by German in 476 AD, after a lot of Germanic tribes, Franks, for example, have also begun to Christianity. Due to the cultural level is lower than the Roman Germanic, even your own words also have no, the church was in the middle ages in Western Europe the only academic authority; Because almost only priests and monks can read or write at that time, all the scholars is a church people. Because of this, the prevalence of Western Europe began to enter the Christian era.

          The Crusades  is a series under The permission of The Roman Catholic Pope, by The western European feudal lords and knights of The eastern Mediterranean countries launched lasted nearly 200 years of religious war. Due to the Roman Catholic holy city of Jerusalem fell into the hands of Islam, most of the Crusades was against the islamic country, main purpose is from Islam to recapture Jerusalem. During the Crusades, the church granted to every soldier, cross army called the Crusades. The Crusades are commonly believed to be Catholic atrocities. In spite of this, the Crusades to make direct contact with the Western Europe to the more advanced Byzantine civilization and islamic civilization at that time. This contact, the Renaissance paved the way for Europe.



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