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The Outsiders

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The Outsiders Theme

Parents and older siblings sometimes show love by being mean and strict, appreciating these rules is a sign of maturity. This theme is a good theme, because Darry shows tough love to Ponyboy. Ponyboy thinks that Darry is mean and strict to him. Darry is just like that, because he is frustrated about taking care of his brothers ever since his parents died. Some of the other greasers believe that the only reason Darry is not a soc is because of them. In the book Ponyboy is talking to Cherry and he says that Darry does not like him. The greasers (Two-Bit and Johnny) say that that's a lie and he shouldn't talk like that. Earlier in the book Darry hits Ponyboy, because he came in late and was talking back. Ponyboy ran away from home and picked up Johnny. Johnny and Ponyboy went to buck's where Dally was at. Dally gave them money and a gun and told them to go to Windrixville. Later in the book Soda writes Ponyboy a note and they see each other at the hospital. Darry is happy and being nice to Ponyboy, because it's the first time he has seen him in a week. This is all part of tough love in The Outsiders.

The theme that I chose that connects to my life is tough love. Parents sometimes show tough love by being strict and demanding. This theme connects to my life, because my mom is very strict when she sets clear rules. My mom sometimes yells at me when I don't follow her rules. One time that I can remember, I came in from my cousins late at 11 o' clock and she began to yell at me and tell me not to do it again. She told me the came in lat once again. This time I was in big trouble and I got yelled at and grounded from everything. I could not play my X-box, watch TV, Game boy, go to my cousins, or even come out of my room. After this incident I can actually say I did learn my lesson.

I think that it is so important for parents to be strict with their kids and teach them between right and wrong. I have learned a lot from my mom being hard on me and constantly on my case. As a child I didn't understand why she was mean, but now I do.



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