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The Pearl - Advanced Reading Assignment

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Essay Preview: The Pearl - Advanced Reading Assignment

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“ The Pearl” Advanced Reading Assignment

Do you always deserve the things you get ? Do you always want it or even need it ? people like kinto don’t always want what they are burdened with. What can start off as a simple doctor visit can end in sorrow . what can really be the cost or riches ?

The cost of riches can start of simply being envied , being celebrated but what is at first joyful can become quickly bitter. In the story “ The Pearl “ by John steinbeck starts as a man taking his poisoned newborn to the doctor to find help . Although kinto being poor the doctor helped and knowing kinto knew the he would soon have to pay. This situation is equivalent to not have your insurance company cover your hip replacement you got while skiing . But unlike how it is now imagine instead of getting turned away for being anything less than the 1% that makes above $250,000 annually but instead taken in and feeling gracious for the help you have received .

What happens next in the story quickly becomes like the las vegas of their time . kinto strikes gold with his new found job as a pearl diver . He finds the powerful jackpot or pearls . He is celebrated throughout the village as you would be if you had won the lottery . Everything in his is magnificent he had gone from being poor to having a abundance of wealth this one pearl the highlight of his life , he would turn it in and get his pay everything would be perfect. Little did kinto know was that his small village could not support his pearls value and discredited it by say how nobody would want such a big pearl. Despite his wife’s advice to throw it back into the ocean and forget about it. He saw it was a way to become rich he would bring it to the capital and they would surely take his illustrious pearl. During this conversation a man clouded by greed attacks kinto and kinto kills the man, kinto doesn’t realize that with the pearl changing his village into a violent rambunctious place he himself is changing. Kinto goes to his home that night to see it in shambles and flames. He ends up using this as a deciding factor in his mission to the capital so his family leaves with the pearl. Little did he know his family was in danger there where three men following them. These men overtaken by greed and jealousy and envy carried a gun in which thought for them. The three men soon catch kinto attention and kinto forms a plan to attack them. During this attack the newborn starts crying catching the three men’s focus kinto seeing his opportunity attacks them but not in time for one of them to shoot the newborn baby kinto in the end kills the three men.

“ The pearl “ Advanced Reading Assignment

He is left with his precious pearl but has lost innocent newborn. You must be wondering was a dumb pearl worth losing your only child? Is wealth that powerful



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